Fishing Wishing

Going Fishing? Or Just Wishing You Were Fishing!

If you enjoy fishing you’ll know it is very important that you choose the right fishing gear for the occasion! We intend to help you with fishing tackle, reels, rods, and also help you with the different styles of fishing. For example, you may like fly fishing or going out deep sea fishing. What ever your style, let’s get started, instead of just ‘fishing wishing’!

Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing

If you like the outdoors, being on the water, and enjoy quality time with family and friends, then you should learn how to fish! Regardless of whether you want to be out on sparkling lake waters or the vast ocean, with a casting rod, a hook, and some fishing line, you may be able to catch your own dinner.

Choosing a casting rod

While there are many casting rods on the market today, choosing the fanciest, most expensive rod may not be the best choice. There are many other considerations to weigh other than cost. Learn more about reels, length of casting rods, and how to casting rods are constructed. In addition to casting rods, you will learn about other equipment including what to keep in your tackle box.

Reasons to fish

 Besides enjoying the great outdoors, many people fish as a way to relax, engage in friendly competition, or to try a new style of fishing. You will learn the different forms of fishing and how easy they are to learn. Spending time alone or with friends and family is another reason why people like to fish.

There is a wide variety of fishing tackle, rods and lures to choose from, depending on your purpose and your preferred method of fishing. For some ‘do it yourself’ fishermen, the perfect fishing gear would be something as simple as a bamboo pole, string and hook.

However, the really serious fishing enthusiasts would invest in more expensive equipment. For example, rods made from graphite or fiberglass, sinkers, hooks and reels that are known to help catch fish!

Then there are other high-tech features that are often guaranteed to catch the biggest fish possible.

Of course, no matter how state-of-the-art your fishing tackle may be, you do need to have certain skills in order to get catch fish. You can buy all the expensive fishing equipment available, but you won’t necessarily catch a fish if you don’t learn the right fishing techniques.

However having the right fishing tackle does help in improving your skills and increasing your catch.

What types of fishing equipment do I need?

This depends on the type of fishing you want to learn. Some types only require a casting rod, fishing line, hook, and bait, while others require flies and lures.

Hooks are an important component to any fishing expedition. There are five different types of hooks you can choose from. Hooks range in size and shape and can help you catch different types of fish. Some hooks will not keep the fish on your line, while others will trap the fish until you catch it. Learn how to use different hooks when trying to catch fish.


You will have many options when it comes to buying bait. If buying live bait, you should buy the right kind, otherwise, you may be wasting money. In addition to live bait, you can also buy frozen bait or artificial bait. All three will help to catch fish when used properly.

Lures, weights, floaters, and other equipment are also important when fishing. Learn how to use them in different bodies of water so you have the maximum effect.

Tackle Box

Your tackle box is the place where you store all of your equipment. From hooks to fishing line, you will be able to find whatever you need in a well equipped tackle box. Your tackle box can also store other items you may need on your trip.  Learn what to purchase and how to store it so you will never be without.

So if you want to learn more about fishing, you’ve come to the right place!